Checking Your Property

Your property in turkey will be checked at a regular basis by our staff for any problems that may occur. If a problem is detected, you will be informed as soon as possible and we’ll take the neccessary action after your instruction. So any possible problems that your house may encounter when you are away, will be profesionally handled by our company.

Bill Payment

We will regularly check your water, electricity, telephone bills etc. They will be paid on your behalf, subject to sufficient funds in your deposit account with us. All the bills will be submitted to your internet account with their dates and fees on. So when you are back in Turkey, You will not need to waste time with these bills. This service is vital as bills that are not paid of by due dates are subject to additional penalties. To avoid paying such fees, charges and penalties, please make sure that enough money is left your deposit account to cover all the bills when not in Turkey. Res Property Management will keep you updated about the bill payments made on your behalf, but cannot be held responsible for late payments due to insufficient funds. You will be able to check your balance and all the payments done on your behalf by logging on to our website with your username and password which will be provided by Res Property Management Service.

Security Systems

A comprehensive security system can be installed on your request. This security system enables up to three people being informed about your property’s security via mobile phone text messaging. You can even watch your property live on your  mobile phone, provided that your mobile phones enables the system.

Special Services

We will be ready to help you organize special events, such as an anniversary, a birthday party or a special meal etc. Just let us know about your requirements and we’ll do the rest. It’s not only your property that we are happy to assist you with, should you require any help with purchasing goods such as jewellery, carpets, etc. Let us do the bargaining for you and see for yourself how much money we can save you.

Cleaning of Your Property

Whether you are here or away, our Professional cleaning company will be at your service at any time. To avoid wasting your valuable time in Turkey and the hassle of cleaning, all you need to do is contact us. Even if you let us know a day before your arrival, this will be enough to find your home nice and clean when you arrive in Turkey.


It’s not hard at all to have the garden of your dreams. Just let us know what type of a garden you would like and consider it done. Also, on your request, a full irrigation system can be installed in your garden.